how to doge scales

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Dodging scales | Trucking Forum

Dodging scales | Trucking Forum

A legitimate reason for dodging a scale is in order to get to a certified public scale in order to assure that you have been loaded legally. A …

hitting backroads to avoid scales – Trucking & Driving Forums

hitting backroads to avoid scales – Trucking & Driving Forums

Most try to dodge the scales when their log books and paperwork are not in order, not neccesarily because of weight. Attempting to dodge scales …

How to Avoid Weigh Stations – wikiHow

How to Avoid Weigh Stations – wikiHow

How to avoid weigh stations – How to

How to avoid weigh stations – How to

The site shows truckers how to dodge the scales by detailing detours around weigh stations. The information is available with a premium …

Dodge The Scale Game – Page 1 | TruckingTruth Forum

Dodge The Scale Game – Page 1 | TruckingTruth Forum

I’ve found the scale buddy app for my phone which tells me which scales are opened or closed and it has allowed me to run on interstates a little bit if I see a …

How many times a week do you dodge scales? : r/Truckers

How many times a week do you dodge scales? : r/Truckers

When I was a local driver in STL I had to pass the scales on 44 near St. Clair, … No need to dodge when you’re always legal.

How to Use a Weight Scale for a Semi-Truck – YouTube

How to Use a Weight Scale for a Semi-Truck – YouTube

Solutions for Drivers to Stay Safe on the Road – Drivewyze

Solutions for Drivers to Stay Safe on the Road – Drivewyze

Looking to save time at weigh stations across the country? Drivewyze is your solution! Find out how we can help improve efficiency – saving time and money.

Weigh-Stations (Enforcement Facilities) – Caltrans –

Weigh-Stations (Enforcement Facilities) – Caltrans –

Who Must Stop at Scales? California’s “Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilities” are commonly called weigh stations or truck scales. These facilities are …

Scale locations – Iowa DOT

Scale locations – Iowa DOT

Page 1. Salix. Early. Avoca. P. Fremont. IOWA SCALE LOCATIONS. Dallas. P. P. P. P Worth. P. Clarke. Brandon SB. Jasper. Brandon NB. PrePass Location.

How do you dodge weigh stations?

If you're trying to avoid the weigh stations, you can either take an alternate route or wait until the weigh station closes. Weigh station apps will be incredibly helpful no matter which method you choose, as they'll tell you where the weigh stations are located as well as when they're open or closed.

How do you bypass scales?

0:111:02Weigh Scale Bypass Solution – Drivewyze Mobile App – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSaving you time money and Waystation hassles with drive wise you can expect to bypass scales up toMoreSaving you time money and Waystation hassles with drive wise you can expect to bypass scales up to 98% of the time depending on your carrier safety score.

How much is a ticket for not stopping at a scale in California?

Statute Ticket Total BFCD
304.325 Failure to stop at weight scales $189.00
307.010 Failure to secure load $189.00
307.400 Failure to equip to assure no load shift $189.00
307.400 Seat belt violation $89.00

Why do truckers avoid weigh stations?

Due to the added dangers that come with greater weight, most states, California included, place strict limitations on how heavy a truck can be. Under state law, a big rig may be no more than 80,000 pounds. There is also a limit of 20,000 pounds per axle.

What app can i use to avoid weigh stations?

The PrePass weigh station bypass app provides expanded coverage to enforcement locations without a transponder reader and mobile sites. It also provides expanded functionality including PrePass ALERTS. The application is available on Apple iOS, Android, and select telematics and ELD devices.

Is it illegal to drive around weigh stations?

yep-you can get ticketed for bypassing scales-Better make up a good story in advance on why you're on a road that goes around them. Nope never legal to bypass a scale. Must be hiding something and if you are caught well be ready for the book to be thrown at you.

Why do trucks get weighed on the highway?

Truck weigh stations are important because weighing trucks prevents overweight trucks from going onto highways that cannot handle the heavy load. Trucks that weigh over the regulated weight limit can cause irreparable damage to roads and bridges. Many states collect taxes on transported goods based on weight.

What states use Drivewyze?

California and Nevada have joined Kansas, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, and Utah in allowing Drivewyze e-Inspection technology to automate time-consuming elements of traditional in-station inspections at select weigh stations.

Do hotshots need to stop at weigh stations?


How many miles over the speed limit can you go without getting a ticket?

What is the 'rule'? The 'rule' itself is quite straightforward: if the speed limit is (for example) 30mph, the rule states that you won't get a speeding ticket unless you are going 10% plus 2 mph faster than the limit.

How do you bypass a truck scale?

For more information, call 1-888-988-1590 or visit the Drivewyze website. Bypass: If all requirements for weight, size, safety, etc. are met, the driver may receive a bypass, and will see a 'bypass' screen which lets the driver know they can bypass the weigh station. If all requirements for weight, size, safety, etc.

Is there an app to see if weigh stations are open?

CoopsOpen is a weigh station status service that delivers real time information about whether weigh stations, a.k.a Coops, are open or closed. The app is supported by the users being prompted to tell if a weigh station was open or closed after they pass it.

How do you avoid weigh stations on trucker Path app?


How do I avoid dots?


Why do weigh stations take pictures?

The concept is supposed to help commercial vehicle law enforcement cut down on time. Permanent cameras are fixed on both sides of a lane approaching a weigh station. Photos are taken of both the right and left side of the vehicle, and the images are sent immediately to personnel.

What happens if truck is overweight?

Overweight trucks may cause asphalt or bridges to crumble or push highway overpasses to their limits. Overweight trucks are more likely to jackknife or rollover when they are involved in an accident, which may cause the truck to crash into another motorist or spill dangerous loads onto the road.

Why do trucks have spikes on their wheels?

They are meant to catch your attention and deter you from staying close to a truck's blind spots, which are the worst on either side of the truck and trailer. If your instinct is to back away and give the big rig more space, then the spikes are doing their job as designed.

How do PrePass weigh stations work?

Based on a truck's clearance status, the PrePass system sends a signal to the truck's transponder, which notifies the driver of the screening result both visually and audibly. A green light indicates a bypass and a red light indicates that the driver must pull into the weigh station.

How do you use Drivewyze?

0:046:01Drivewyze on Your Mobile Device — How it Works – YouTubeYouTube

Can you hotshot with 2500?

REASON #3: No limitations on hotshot loads If you have a CDL, you can haul over that 26,000 GVWR limit. But let us take this a step further. If you use a 2500 truck with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs and a tandem axle single wheel with 14,000 lbs GVWR, then the combination is rated and licensed for 24,000 lbs.